Signstek Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Signstek Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Review

The Signstek Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier is a good choice if you looking for a humidifier to add to your room or home. It can make both warm and cool mist, so you wouldn't need to buy an alternate humidifier. One thing that I really like about this humidifier is that it's a smooth breeze to keep clean and maintain. At the same time, it's also a snap to fill up its storage with water.

I've used both the warm and cool settings of this Signstek Humidifier, and I have to say I was very comfortable with both. This humidifier helped me feel that much more comfortable in my own home compared to my situation before I got it. The humidifier has two other settings, high and low, that have to do with the amount of water that it will use for the day or night.

Pros of the Signstek Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier

Here are some of the pros that I’ve really loved and benefited from:

  • One thing I really like about this humidifier is that it has a really polished and sharp looking control panel. It looks very modern and intuitive.
  • Something else that I've loving about this humidifier is how I can choose warm or cool mist and vapor. Even though there are only two options, both are excellent on their own.
  • Another pro that got my notice quickly is the first time that I cleaned out this humidifier. I haven't noticed any mold during the weeks I used this humidifier. I was also a breeze to thoroughly rinse and clean it and make sure every spot was sparkling clean.

Cons of the Signstek Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier does have its downsides though, from my personal experience of using it a lot, almost every day:

  • This humidifier worked really well at the beginning, producing some very amazing mist on every day that I turned it on and wanted to use it. However, after several weeks and months, the mist didn't feel as good as it used to. It also became thinner and lighter, and came out bursting in spurts rather than flowing out smoothly like it should have, and like how it used to.
  • Another thing that's a con about this humidifier is that after a few weeks or months of use, on top of all the problems that arose during that time, for some reason the humidifier had this blue light that was flashing really fast. It seemed to be an error, but it didn't tell me anything about what suddenly went wrong with this model.
  • Something that's a really noticeable con with this humidifier is that it's very expensive. While it's really good at what it does, making very comfortable warm and cool mist that's improved my health and life in general, it's rather pricey.

Review Summary

The Signstek Humidifier as a good first choice and a humidifier that will serve well for the first few weeks and months, after which it'll probably start suffering from longevity issues.

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