Holmes HWM6000-NUM Warm Mist Filter-Free Humidifier Review

Holmes HWM6000-NUM Filter-Free Warm Mist Humidifier Review

The Holmes HWM6000-NUM Filter-Free Warm Mist Humidifier is a good choice if you're looking for a product that provides a high quality user experience, where your room or home will become very well-humidified and pleasant.

The Holmes HWM6000-NUM has almost everything I want in a humidifier: it produces a very warm mist and it is quietly relaxing There's more: even though the humidifier's indicator light fades into the background, it keeps itself bright and noticeable. This one is not ultrasonic, too. This humidifier also gives you the option of using essential oils along with it, so there's that.

The Holmes HWM6000-NUM has two options, and whichever one you go with, it hardly makes any noise at all. It really is quiet. The sound it makes is like slow boiling water. The lower setting is ideal for when you're going to bed, and you might switch things up with the higher setting while you're awake and in your room or high.

Overall, I would recommend this Holmes humidifier because of its design, features, and the ease and comfort that it's added to my life. The cons are relatively easy to take care of, and won't require that much maintenance on your end. All in all, a great choice for the first time owner and also those who've owned a humidifier before.

Pros of the Holmes HWM6000-NUM Filter-Free Warm Mist Humidifier

Here are some of the pros that I’ve really loved and benefited from:

  • One of the first things that I noticed and really liked off the bat is its feature of automatically turning itself off when it runs dry and runs out water.
  • Another thing that makes this humidifier a joy and pleasure to use is the convenience, and how you can trust it to be dependable and keep the place humidified. It's also very easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • One more thing is the peaceful quietness of the humidifier when it's doing its work humidifying the area. There's also the soft bubbling as it uses the water.

Cons of the Holmes HWM6000-NUM Filter-Free Warm Mist Humidifier

This humidifier does have its downsides though:

  • While it is convenient and easy to clean, you have to clean it very often. Wiping and scrubbing it frequently is definitely a con and downside to this otherwise good humidifier option.
  • This Holmes humidifier also has another con in its design. The humidifier automatically turning itself off when it doesn't have any water to use is a very thoughtful feature. Still, there are times when the humidifier will think that there's no water and so it won't turn on, even when you put some in. You have to keep on trying until it turns on, recognizes that there is water, and does its job of producing high quality mist.
  • This humidifier model has two options, but the higher setting will barely last an entire night and will need more than one refill of water for one day. On the lower setting, however, you might not feel the effect of the mist because of how light it is.
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